Increase in Sales
3rd Party Integrations
Increase in mobile conversion rate

The brief

BetterYou specialise in nutrition – transdermal magnesium and vitamin D supplements, to be exact. They wanted an eCommerce site to house their specialist products, with space for news and blogs, allowing the site (and in turn, business) to grow as the industry-leading brand for key nutritional supplements.

BetterYou Website Screenshots

Web design

Reflecting a healthy lifestyle, we designed a clean and minimal eCommerce site that focused on the customer, which was inspired by cutting edge fashion sites. This style emphasises the balanced wellbeing that BetterYou recommends.

BetterYou CMS

Empowering the client

We created a component-based design; a system of elements, rather than ‘flat’ pages. This means that within the CMS, the client can freely rearrange existing pages, as well as creating new ones using the provided components!

BetterYou Mobile Design

Flexible content marketing

BetterYou want to be seen as an authoritative source of information, and we created them a Health and Wellbeing section which encompasses a mixture of blog posts, social media, newsletter signup, a FAQ section, and case studies.

BetterYou Website Screenshot shown on a macbook

WordPress and Magento

WordPress is renowned for its easy-to-use CMS (unlike Magento), and BetterYou are always updating their rich content. Their products are managed with Magento, but we gave them the best of both worlds by seamlessly integrating WordPress too – ensuring a user-friendly admin system that the client absolutely loves.

BetterYou Algolia

Superpowered Search

Algolia is a third party search API that allows you to completely customise your data and create your own indexes for customers to search. We combined the Magento and WordPress plugins to populate a custom index which contained both products from Magento and content articles from WordPress.

BetterYou Product Bundle

Sage (finance) integration

BetterYou needed a custom feed to provide their Sage system all sales order info. We ensured it showed prices inc and ex VAT, delivery info, and complex bundle products that have multiple items. We used a reliable Magento community module to export sales info in real time, and customised it so that Sage can import the orders.

BetterYou Email Screenshot

Email integration

BetterYou’s “healthy” mailing list was imported to MailChimp to send regular emails with promotions / product scientific research. We integrated the new platform using MailChimp forms which auto-update their email segments. We also used a third party plugin for Mailgun to better ensure email delivery to the customer’s inbox.