Our Process

We are Marvellous, a digital agency based in Leeds, UK. We specialise in web design, eCommerce, content and strategy. We like to do what we’re good at, and we keep it all under one roof.

Our mission is to get you the best results and value out of your digital world. It’s what we’ve been doing for 11 years now, and we think we’ve got pretty good at it.

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Small teams

We are a small, versatile team consisting of account managers, designers and front-end developers – with a team of specialists (back-end developers, Magento specialists, and copywriters) that get drafted in to work their magic when you need it.


Our teams are a curious bunch. Going into things blindly never ends well so we always do a research phase to give us ideas about what works, what doesn’t and what will push the envelope.

Value driven

Making sure every client gets work that delivers results is what keeps us in business. We’ll genuinely try to find you the most budget-friendly solution for what you want to achieve.


We’re an independent agency – not part of a group or anything like that. This means we’ve got the freedom to speak our minds and come up with flexible solutions to problems without the hoop-jumping.


Creativity, innovation, buzzwords everywhere. Let’s make it simple. We just like to find the best way to do things; sometimes that’s a totally new technique and sometimes it’s an old school way.

None of the above works without positivity – as a team we care so much about making great looking and functioning websites for our clients and their users, and this positivity is poured into every job we take on.