The Art Shop Skipton

Family business
since 1995
5+ second
improvement in page speed
10 bespoke
character illustrations

The brief

The Art Shop Skipton has been selling the best selection of art supplies in North Yorkshire for over 20 years. We created a vibrant, quirky website underpinned with key eCommerce functionality to reflect the knowledge, enthusiasm and customer service of this family-run retailer.




With such a rich history, the new branding for the Art Shop Skipton had to reflect a long heritage of artistic knowhow. We used vintage inspired typefaces with bright, vivid colours to capture the energy and experience of the business.


The assist with the launch, we produced an eye-catching design and snappy copy for a direct mail brochure to promote the shiny new site. Focused towards expanding their visitor base, we even created a discount code for new customers.


To reflect the creative ethos, fun and knowhow of the people behind the brand, our illustrator created charming portrait illustrations of each staff member, allowing site users to receive product recommendations from a friendly face.


A picture may say a thousand words, but we still needed a bunch of copy for the site. We worked the owners to create an appropriate tone of voice, and then wrote fun, creative landing pages, a selection of SEO-friendly blog posts and a host of other website copy to keep the brand on point.

Luxury Flooring Magento


Due to huge number of products, we built the website on the innovative Magento platform. This functionality allowed the client to easily manage their products, streamlining the process to make it easy peasy.