Specialists in the world’s number one eCommerce platform

With it’s extensive functionality and powerful adaptability, it’s no wonder big retailers love Magento as much as we do. It’s open source community means there are new plugins and features being built all the time, so your website can grow as Magento does.

If you’re after a platform that supports complex products, can handle lots of integrations, and is fully customisable, then Magento will probably be perfect for you.

Complex products made easy

Complex products are those which come in different colours, sizes, or materials, all from one product page. We can create beautiful looking product pages on Magento that easily allow the customer to see a variety of options within one product, as well as giving you the option of effective upselling tools without leaving the page – who doesn’t love higher conversion rates?

Open source

Open source platforms make their source code free for other developers to modify. This means that lots of Magento plugins are being created by developers across the world. We have a bank of trusted favourites that have been proven to work over and over again, and we find more all the time – just another way Magento can exceed even our expectations!

Valuable integrations

Integrating your online and back office systems sounds daunting, but Magento can smoothly integrate your new site with your current stock, CRM or fulfilment systems, so you can relax knowing that everything is automated and in sync. It’s a complex process which we have mastered through practise and training.

A lot of our team come from a background in retail, so we can confidently consult on how certain integrations will affect your business, and how best to go about them. We always suggest best practises or tried and tested methods to provide the best solution possible.


Outgrowing your platform is a nightmare. There’s no risk of that – Magento can be small and perfectly formed, or an absolute mammoth. We can even bolt a user-friendly WordPress site on to it so that you can easily upload loads of rich content like blogs or landing pages, which will massively help with things like SEO and marketing.

It’s up to you – Magento can grow with your needs, you can add extras from the get go or spread them out over time; extra functionality, multiple websites with one codebase, different currencies, languages… make Magento your own. It’s your oyster.


One of the most important factors of eCommerce is security. Magento integrates securely with payment gateways, meaning your server won’t store card information even for a second – great for some PCI compliance peace of mind! Various user roles for the admin interface gives you control over levels of access for your team.

Requirement gathering

Ensuring every person involved in the project knows the deliverables inside out is crucial. We don’t want to be ambushed by something we didn’t know about halfway through the job, and we know you don’t want to be either! That’s why we create technical specifications, with lists of functionality that will be carried out. That way, we’re all on the same page from day one, and no one gets any nasty surprises.

We love Magento, which is a good job because it’s a complex and often tricky beast to tame. Luckily we’ve got lots of experience in creating pretty powerful eCommerce stores, with tonnes of integrated plugins, connections to back office systems and shops, and plenty of complex products. A platform with this many possibilities needs people that know it well, and we’ve made sure we know it inside out.