About 25% of all websites on the Internet are on WordPress, so it’s safe to say they’re doing something right. Here are some reasons why WordPress is right for you.


Having a platform that can change to suit your business needs is essential. If you find that two years down the line, you want to start selling products but don’t want a new website, you won’t have to change platform – just add the WooCommerce plugin.


WordPress is renowned within our industry as being one of the best platforms for users. The content management area is super easy to use, and it comes with an absolute ton of supporting documents that answer any question you might have.

Open source

Realising you need a new type of functionality that your platform isn’t capable of is the worst. This won’t happen on WordPress, as it has one of the best worldwide, open source communities, which means different functions are built and shared daily.

Cost effective

Unlike other platforms, WordPress is so widely known that you won’t have to go hunting for a super expensive, highly specialised developer. The wide range of plugins can also save you time and money, instead of needing bespoke development.


Some platforms restrict the type of content they allow on web pages. WordPress doesn’t break a sweat at all about this. You can add images, audio, and video as easily as text, so you can keep your content varied and user-focused.

SEO friendly

The code used to write WordPress is standard compliance code of a really high quality. When you have code of this caliber, your website is automatically more attractive to search engines, and will really help boost your search rankings.

We couldn’t speak highly enough of WordPress. It’s helped our clients get the websites they want and we’ve even built this website on it – told you we love it. If you need some more examples, take a look at some of our latest WordPress work.