Meet the eCommerce plugin that gives transactional functionality to WordPress - the content-focussed, simple to use platform

WooCommerce is functionality that we can plug in to a WordPress site to take it from being brochure to eCommerce. It transforms a beautiful looking site into being able to transact, giving you some well deserved revenue.

It’s an eCommerce solution that is great for small to medium size business who want to be able to regularly upload content (that’s images, text and other elements of multimedia), and sell anything from 2 to 2000 products! It’s also jam packed full of great out the box functionality, and we can integrate plugins anything extra.

Open source

WooCommerce is an open source platform which means the original source code is made available for developers across the world to modify it. Though the out the box functionality gives you more than just the basics, it’s reassuring to have the option of adding extras to your platform – we have a bank of trusted plugins that we use regularly, to give you the best possible online shop.

Easy Analytics

The built in analytics system that comes with WooCommerce is top notch. It takes a lot of statistics and puts them into simple graphs. Things like total sales, average order totals, and lots more, are there for you to track with little effort.


WooCommerce is used by several major online retailers. As long as you have the right optimisation, hosting and security, it can grow and grow; zero fear of having to move to a totally new platform once you get bigger.

Cost Effective

If you want an eCommerce website set up quickly for a reasonable price, WooCommerce is the one to go with. Even if you’ve got a couple of hundred products, you can get an eCommerce store going in no time at all.

Perfect for rich content

WordPress makes it super simple for you to upload all your rich content. If you need more engaging or optimised content, we’ve got you covered – from writing blogs and product descriptions to photographing crisp and clean images to help sell your products, we’ve got the experience and know-how to help you out.

Component-driven design

We design WordPress sites in components that allow our clients to create custom pages at the click of a button – we know how important it is to be in charge of your own business. That’s why we love WordPress and WooCommerce – it gives you the flexibility and simplicity to upload content that converts.

Being an independent business is tough, especially now that there is so much competition online. WooCommerce is our cost-effective way to get an eCommerce site on a reliable platform that can grow with your business.

Not only do we have experience in WooCommerce development, but we’re proficient in WordPress, which is the base platform before we add the transactional plugin. Whether you’re in need of eCommerce or are going for a brochure site, we can give you an easy-to-manage, brilliant looking and functioning website, that we can support and enhance over the years to come.