Web Design

Creating engaging, recognisable design that increases conversions

To put it simply, we design and develop websites to enhance client success online, increasing visibility, conversions, profits, and brand awareness. Of course, what we do is not simple at all; creating a website is a meticulous job that requires skill, dedication, and an endless stream of fresh, innovative thinking.

We also design assets to boost marketing, consult on user experience (UX) from a design point of view, and can even work on branding – creating a brand from scratch, including logos, colour palettes, and brand names.

User experience (UX)

Everything starts here. Making sure your users have the most engaging, enjoyable, and exciting experience is our forte. Having a really detailed research phase of any project means we can identify your users’ behaviour and get the UX bob on.

UX and wireframes

When designing content for the web, we keep our focus on the end-user. UX (user experience) is imperative to bear in mind in order to build a site that ultimately drives sales and ensures you receive great conversion rates.

Designing the wireframe to form the structure of the site is the most important part of a designer’s job. We create clickable prototypes so you can navigate your way around the blueprint of your site, and we’ll discuss any necessary tweaks before the site is built.

Component-driven design

We know that when your business grows, you’ll want to reflect that online, so we design in components that allow you to easily rearrange or create custom pages yourself, using various customisable blocks.

We give you control over your content (your multimedia and copy) by training you on your platform’s CMS (content management system), making it easy for you to update your site whenever you like.


Personalisation is such a key thing – with everything at people’s fingertips, it can all start looking a little same-y. Custom illustration can add a totally unique dimension to your brand. With anything from characters to icons, illustration adds that extra something.


Without a brand, there isn’t a business. You need something strong, memorable, and unique to stand out in your industry. It isn’t just about the logo; we’ll make sure everything from your brand colours to tone of voice is sorted.


Over the last 10 years, packaging has upped its game. It’s got to hit so many things: informative, stylish, environmentally friendly, practical, and cost effective. It’s a lot of boxes to tick but, don’t worry, we know exactly how to do it.


Even in a digital age, print still has a massive impact, and can make or break your brand experience. We’ve supplied everything from flyers to shop decals and exhibition stands, and have trusty, high quality suppliers for quick and easy printing.

At Marvellous, we care about good design. Our founding partners both came from a background in design-related disciplines, so it’s always been at the forefront of our business model. We work hard to provide our clients with attractive digital services that run like clockwork, and take pride in every piece of work we produce.