8 ways web designers influence buying behaviour

Web designers know how to use certain visual elements in their favour, in order to influence a customer’s browsing and buying behaviour, whether subtly or openly. This is why a fantastic web design ultimately increases conversion. Of course, you have to have the correct functionality in order for the site to physically work well, but the design is the visual factor in leading a consumer down a designated path, or attracting the user to a pre-determined product or service.

In web design, nothing is put somewhere ‘just because’, and a designer’s job isn’t to make something simply ‘look pretty’. Of course, an attractive site can work wonders, but there’s complex psychology and a hell a lot of research behind web design that makes it invaluable to brands trying to excel online. So, we’ve determined 8 crucial ways in which web designers can influence buying behaviour. Have a look!

  1. Using bold colours sporadically on elements that you want to grab attentionTile Monkey Buying behaviour
  2. Personalisation – tracking browsing behaviour and then suggesting relevant products by up-selling. You will have seen this when a website says ‘Related Products’ or a more personal ‘We think you’d like these’BetterYou influencing buying behaviour
  3. Big and bold typography that attracts the userLove Cheese influencing buying behaviour
  4. Using badges to increase attention at certain points on the pageBetterYou influencing buying behaviour
  5. Making the user journey from home to checkout as smooth as possible in order for a lower cart abandonment (this example shows being able to add a product to the basket from the homepage)BetterYou influencing buying behaviour
  6. Using featured products on key pages (homepage, category pages etc.)Techo influencing buying behaviour
  7. Using digital technology to the fullest and adding interactive elements. Particularly interesting examples include creating a virtual changing room – “upload a picture of yourself to see how the product would look on you!”, or giving the customer creative freedom – “design your own shoes!”Vans influencing buying behaviour
  8. Using banners on key landing pages to promote certain categories or specific products

VIvderma influencing buying behaviour

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