The recipe for a successful website

Base bun


A successful website is founded in research, research, research. This means getting to grips with the ethos of your brand, the goals of your business and figuring out what the site needs to achieve.

This also means looking at data to find out who your customers currently are – and the best ways of attracting them to your business.




Next comes the Wireframe. This is a draft concept created by a designer so you can see how a website will work in its basic form.

It doesn’t look too pretty, and won’t have any of the design work, photography or content that will be present on the final website, but a Wireframe can be chopped and changed easily until it’s bang on.


Burger patty


Content is the meat of your website. It’s the photography, words and everything in between that makes your brand and business what it is.

This is the stage most businesses need some help with. We have a photography studio to create stunning images and a content team who can write product descriptions that your customers (and search engines) will love.



Web Design

>Web Design isn’t just making things look pretty. It’s designing the way users engage with your website, how they access information and the colours and images that shape your brand.

Web design isn’t just limited to your site. We can help create a new logo or visual identity, flyers, brochures, menus and whatever else you need for your website to look great and work well.




Web development is the code that powers the website and makes sure it does everything it’s supposed to do. It’s the means of introducing animations and all the other fun things that make using a website a nicer experience.

The development stage is where the performance, speed and functionality of a website can be improved, and where you can see the entire project brought to life.




Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing process, but before a site is launched we prime it with on-page optimisation to make it easier for people to find your site using Google.

This includes writing meta titles, meta descriptions and providing training so you can climb to the top of the rankings in no time.


Top bun

Digital Marketing

After the site is live, that’s when the real work begins. Promoting your site with social media, email marketing, blogs, videos, search engine optimisation…

And there you have it! A perfect burger! I mean website. Seem overwhelming? Don’t fret – we can help and advise about everything that drives people to your site and customers to your door. Just give us a buzz.


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