We care about people and the brilliant stuff they can do rather than ticking boxes so we’re always looking for new talent.

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Digital Account Manager

Closing date: April 5
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Web Developer

Closing date: September 27
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Why Marvellous?

Our mission is Marvellousness (the name kind of gives it away a little bit).

We constantly strive to put people first – users, clients and employees are the most important thing to us – and we are looking for people who want to join us on this Marvellous mission. If you’re someone who is proud of the work they produce and is always looking to improve and grow, you’ll like it here.

Our studio (we don’t like the word “office”, yawn) in Leeds City Centre is a relaxed space, focusing on inspiring creativity and problem solving. We don’t believe in a “stay late” culture: your work should speak for itself, not your timesheet. However, we are always trying to get better at what we do.

The dress code is casual; probably leave your onesie at home but we aren’t averse to a sombrero from time to time. There’s always a bit of healthy debate about music, films and TV shows, with a wide range of tastes knocking about the studio. Rich, one of our founding partners, really loves crisps and he will talk about them for a while so probably avoid him at lunchtime…

During downtime, you can have a play on the Xbox, watch Netflix or take a break from looking at a screen and read any of our design and photography books. Don’t even get us started about what you can do outside the office: shopping, the gym (but maybe not), museums, restaurants, pubs or whatever is happening in Millennium Square. Leeds is your lobster. Oyster. Either one.

It’s good here, we like it.