5 amazing interior design Instagram accounts you should follow

For Interior Design marketing, visuals are key. Aesthetics are at the forefront of what interior design brands are offering, so platforms focused on images are ideal for promoting products simulating the kind of enviable lifestyle that make people make home purchases.

Pinterest and Instagram are the two best visual social media platforms to achieve this – we’ll be focussing on the latter, investigating the interior design Instagram accounts that are full of places you’d love to live.

Best interior design Instagram pages

People mainly browse interior design social accounts for inspiration and new design ideas, so the perfect account should be full of personality and contain a great variety of beautifully photographed images.


Houzz instagram Marvellous digital marketing agency

Houzz – ‘the new way to design your home’ – is an online retailer selling all manner of contemporary furniture and decorative items. Using Instagram, this modern stockist has a light, relaxed visual tone, with a stream full of elegant interiors and exteriors that reflect the clean simplicity of their products.


made.com instagram Marvellous digital marketing agency

Made.com curate the best furniture makers and designers to create a varied range of classic and contemporary furniture. The brand uses Instagram to express the life and vitality of people enjoying its products – instead of empty rooms – Made often include people enjoying the spaces adorned with their furniture.

The account also humanises the brand by including candid staff photography, so customers can get to know the people behind the retailer.


wallpapermag instagram Marvellous digital marketing agency

If you’ve ever picked up a copy of Wallpaper, you’ve no doubt been impressed by the lush photography, weight and incredible quality that permeates from every page.

This ethos is reflected on Wallpaper’s social media platforms which act as an extension of the physical format, curating unusual and amazing interiors and architecture from around the world.

Ikea USA

Ikea USA instagram Marvellous digital marketing agency Swedish interiors powerhouse and arguably the world’s biggest hide and seek location, Ikea continues its enviable digital output on Instagram. The account has a wide range of photographs and isn’t limited to merely images of Ikea’s own product range.

The account portrays a seemingly attainable lifestyle that’s made possible using its products, a difficult thing to do – but a concept Ikea achieves with aplomb.

Elle décor

elle decor instagram Marvellous digital marketing agency

Elle Decor, an offshoot website of the popular fashion magazine, is a focused on interior design with articles on all manner of home and lifestyle subjects. Their Instagram incorporates a plethora of different lifestyle, exterior and interior design shots, offering an aesthetically stimulating trip into homes from around the world.

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